Full time program started

Professional Course


Becoming a professional tennis player or going to university with scholarship

>Daily schedule
7:30~8:00 Breakfast
8:30~13:35 School (Lunch in-between)
14:30~17:30 Group training
18:30~19:00 Dinner
21:30 Go to bed



(Half day)
Food and accomodation Results needed Academics Time period
90,000RMB 40,000RMB        – 138,000RMB    –
63,000RMB 40,000RMB National level 138,000RMB 1year
45,000RMB 40,000RMB National Singles Smei-Finalist, Doubles Finalist 138,000RMB 2years
31,500RMB 40,000RMB National Singles top 4, Doubles Semi-finalist 138,000RMB 4years
Free Free National Champion 138,000RMB 10〜15years

*Half day training includes 2 hours tennis training and 1-hour fitness
*private lesson available in the weekend or at weekday night

>Haide International School

At Hyde Academy, our mission is to prepare second-language learners as they successfully transition to the next stage in their academic journey by providing them with an education that focuses on excellence in core subjects within a unique system that has been specifically designed to support students’ academic, social, cultural, and emotional well-being.

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